Level 4 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner Apprenticeship

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) Practitioners are integral to businesses across public, private, and third sectors, driving social and environmental change as part of their organisation's strategy. They serve as the social conscience of their companies, working towards embedding sustainable practices within the operational framework and advocating for responsible behaviour towards stakeholders and the wider community. In their daily roles, CR&S Practitioners engage with diverse internal and external parties, including staff across different locations, charities, NGOs, and governmental bodies, to synergise efforts towards greater social and environmental outcomes. They are involved in various aspects of strategy implementation, from campaign management to internal communications and stakeholder engagement, and they often handle projects that require collaboration across multiple geographies and focus areas like human rights and carbon reduction. This dynamic role demands adaptability and a deep commitment to ethical practices, operating often beyond conventional office hours to meet the objectives of their initiatives.

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