About VQ Solutions

Established in 2008, VQ delivers a range of services in the delivery of apprenticeships. Working in partnership with employers we manage all aspects of the recruitment and selection process of apprentices.

We offer innovative apprenticeship training programmes and work closely with learners and employers to ensure that the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours are being developed. Take a look at the Courses tab to find out the range of courses that we offer. 

We Care

  • We care about providing the right information to potential apprentices and employers. Becoming an apprentice or hiring an apprentice is new to many and we make sure we are always available to support this.
  • We care about the recruitment because the success of an apprenticeship stems from this process. The business has to be right for the apprentice and the apprentice has to be right for the business. It’s not a numbers game.
  • We care about delivery. Our programmes are innovative and we embrace the use of technology. Learning has to be focussed, fun and functional.
  • We care about the welfare of our apprentices and our staff are on hand to respond, support, guide, advise and make sure your apprenticeship is a success.