Apprenticeship or University

It’s that time of year again when school leavers will be considering what the do next. The big question is “do I go to university or do an apprenticeship”? This is a difficult decision and one that needs to give some real thought.

For many, a university is an automatic choice. They want to keep learning. They may have a career ambition for which a university degree is a must – doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. For many, however, the university is taken as an option as they have not yet decided what they want to do or there is a school or family expectation.

Apprenticeship Attractions
What has become clear in the last few years is that apprenticeships are now a much more attractive option for many school leavers. They can earn a salary (avoiding huge university debts) and learn at the same time. With the introduction of higher-level apprenticeships learners are able to gain university equivalent qualifications but also develop their skills at the same time.

There is now also more evidence that graduates no longer out earn non graduates. There was always a belief that graduate had a higher earning capacity and this is what made going to university more attractive. This is no longer the case.

Apprenticeships also allow individuals to join small businesses that would not be in a position to offer a graduate a position. An apprentice is a much more attractive alternative to a business that wants to grow and needs staff to do it. An apprentice can join a small business, learn the skills and competencies needed and grow with it.

What apprenticeships are available?
There are literally hundreds of apprenticeships to choose from covering just about every industry. Anyone interested in an apprenticeship should visit the apprenticeship vacancy service


If you are interested in vacancies in Yorkshire please visit our Yorkshire Apprenticeship website

posted 20 Sep, 06:25 (293 days ago)