Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Changes

The social media and digital marketing apprenticeship is in the process of changing to the new digital marketing apprenticeship. This is a significant change and will see a more employer-led qualification that will set out what the industry expects apprentices to be able to know and do.

We are still in quite early stages of the development. The new digital marketing apprenticeship will be in two parts. The apprenticeship standards set out what the apprentice has to be able to do and know and then the digital marketer apprenticeship assessment plan will set out what they have to do to complete the programme.

The other substantial change is that the new apprenticeship does away with the Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business but instead sees the introduction of vendor qualifications such as CIW, Google Squared and MTA HTML 5.

Digital Apprenticeship Standards
The new standards are broken down into three parts: skills, knowledge and behaviours. The skills are what the apprentice needs to be able to do – their competence. The knowledge is what they should know to be a successful digital marketer and the behaviours covers thinking skills, how they work and communication.

The new apprenticeship will continue to be at Level 3 and will last about 18 months.

This is an exciting development for the the digital marketing apprenticeship as provides new approach to the delivery model and how the learner will achieve their framework. We are very excited as we are already developing new material to meet the needs of the learners and businesses.

Introduction of the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship
We are still waiting for the final publication of the digital marketing assessment plan and will then be able to finalise the new delivery model but we are confident that we can build on the current model that has proved to be popular with learners. The assessment plan will set out the end point assessment which is what the apprentice has to complete in the last few months of their programme. We expect it to be a portfolio, assignment, interview and employer statement. We are also still waiting for the funding guidance.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Information
If you would like more information then please go to our dedicated website that has more information about the digital marketing apprenticeship.

posted 20 Sep, 06:35 (293 days ago)