Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Official Release

The digital marketing apprenticeship was officially released today. The wait is over and we have clarification on what needs to be delivered for this new apprenticeship standard.
Whilst we have had the standard for a while we now have the digital marketing assessment plan.
Digital Marketing End Point Assessment
The end point assessment for the digital marketing apprenticeship is:
The end point assessment is completed in the last few months of the apprenticeship.
It is based on

a portfolio – produced towards the end of the apprenticeship, containing evidence from real work projects which have been completed during the apprenticeship, usually towards the end, and which, taken together, cover the totality of the standard, and which is assessed as part of the end point assessment
a project – giving the apprentice the opportunity to undertake a business-related project over a one-week period away from the day to day workplace
an employer reference
a structured interview with an assessor – exploring what has been produced in the portfolio and the project as well as looking at how it has been produced

An independent assessor will assess each element of the end point assessment and will then decide whether to award successful apprentices with a pass, a merit or a distinction
Apprenticeship Grading
There are three sets of criteria on which the assessment and grading is made.
The three criteria are

The What: what the apprentice has shown they can do,
The How: the way in which the work has been done
The With Whom: The personal and interpersonal qualities the apprentice has brought to all their work relationships

Each of these three criteria has minimum (expected) requirements, which must be satisfied for a pass. Each of these criteria has a number of dimensions which should be considered to determine if the apprentice is significantly above the minimum (expected) level of quality in this occupation
We will publish more information shortly about delivery and costs.

posted 20 Sep, 06:37 (293 days ago)