A Level Results Week – Think Apprenticeship

We have arrived at that time again when people will be nervously waiting for their A Level results. Summer holidays have been taken and thoughts will be turning to what to do next. For many it will be a straight forward decision – they get the grades they were expecting and take their offers at a university. For others, it will not be so straight forward. They may have the grades but are not sure about going to uni and others will already have made their mind up that university is not for them.

Apprenticeship or University?
Going to university is not as simple a decision as it used to be. Yes, there are lots of courses but as we all know they come at a cost. Students are leaving university with large tuition fee debts and possibly don’t always have the degree that is going to give them the dream career they hoped for.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic alternative. You get to learn and earn and get onto your career ladder without having to spend 3 years at university and getting into debt. The great thing is that employers also know that this is the best time to recruit apprentices and so there are a huge amount of jobs available right now.

How to apply for an apprenticeship
Applying for an apprenticeship is a simple process. Take a look at the vacancies we have on offer and find one that interests you the most. We have a few tips for getting a job:

Write a CV – List all of your main achievements, qualifications and write a short paragraph about yourself. Make sure you have your date of birth on it and most importantly your contact details – make sure your email address is sensible – don’t forget, it will be seen and used by employers.
If you are in the process of job hunting then make sure you answer your mobile phone. Do not ignore calls and then text the number with “who is this?” Answer calls – you won’t recognise the number but it could be us or an employer trying to get hold of you.
Dress smartly for any interview – appearances matter and you should aim to make a good first impression. Shorts, muscle tee shirts and a snap back is just not going to cut it!
Be on time – if you have an interview booked then be on time to it. “My bus was late” is not a good enough excuse – you should have left earlier. Make sure you plan the route and timings. You are much better turning up earlier and walking around the block a few times than being late.
When you finally get put forward for an interview with an employer make sure you research the company. Understand what they do, what sort of business it is and try and think of a question you can ask about them.
When should I be applying?
Now! Don’t leave it too late. Anyone looking for an apprenticeship should start the application process straight away. Employers are ready and waiting and are interviewing now so if you see a job that you think is right for you then get the application in now!

posted 20 Sep, 06:40 (432 days ago)