Data Cable Engineer Design and Planning Programme

Our Data Engineer Level 4 programme is designed for structured network engineering businesses who want to develop engineers in the design, planning and management of networks. The programme has been designed to provide a range of skills and knowledge for engineers who want to advance their careers and become more involved in project design and management,

Network Design and Management
This is a unique programme designed specifically for the structured network industry. We often get asked by data cable engineers who have completed the Network Cable Installer programme what they can do next. We also get asked about CCNA courses for engineers as well as project management.

Well, we developed the Data Engineer Programme last year and have had a fantastic response from our clients. Engineers develop a wide range of skills and knowledge and complete the following modules:

Health and Safety in Telecoms
Personal and Professional Development
CCNA (Parts 1 & 2)
Fibre and Copper Network Design and Planning (Internal)
PRINCE 2 (Foundation)
Network Security
Understanding Servers
Testing Networks
The programme typically lasts 18 months and is fully completed when the engineer completes the Network Engineer endpoint assessment. The modules are spaced out to reflect that engineers have work commitments but it is a rolling programme that can be accessed at any time.

We offer a wide range of support and access to online learning and classroom-based courses. For instance, CCNA is delivered using eLearning and a 5-day CCNA Bootcamp.

What do you need to do to access this programme?
The first thing to do is to contact us and we can talk you through the course in more detail. You need to have at least 3 years experience of working in data cable installations and ideally have completed our Level 3 Data Engineer programme or equivalent – but experience matters so this is not mandatory.

Your employer needs to agree to you doing this programme as it will involve some block release courses and time to study online. There is also a small cost for the employer so this needs to be agreed beforehand.

posted 20 Sep, 06:44 (764 days ago)