Apprenticeship Application – The hints and tips!

The Government Apprenticeship website is a great way to apply for apprenticeships – in order to apply though, you must make an applicant account. Take a look at our hints and tips below on how to make your application the best it can be!

Contact details! It is crucial that you put your CORRECT and UP TO DATE contact details on your application form, this is how training providers will contact you.
Fill in all the boxes that are available – make the most out of it!
Only input content that is relevant and positive.
Make sure you input the correct grades for the relevant qualification. If you are waiting for results, make sure you state your predicted results. (Leaving the qualifications section empty makes it look like you haven’t sat any exams)
Always answer the optional questions at the end – these questions are personalized to the job role you are applying for and are usually decided by the employer. By taking the time to answer these questions shows that you are interested in the position.
Weaknesses – any question or reference to weaknesses should be answered positively, try to think of a weakness that you have overcome or list a weakness that could be perceived as a strength to an employer e.g. being a perfectionist. (Do not lie, if you can’t think of one the best policy is, to be honest, and truthful)
In the first instance after applying for vacancies, best practice would be to make sure you check your phone, answer any calls you receive from an unknown number maturely, you will receive calls if you have been applying to vacancies! Check your emails, each training provider will use a different method on how they wish to contact you. Remember to check emails regularly and reply to them as soon as you see them.

If you are applying for one of our vacancies and would like some more advice, please contact us on 01423 740006.

posted 20 Sep, 06:46 (764 days ago)