Stedfast Quality Assurance

As part of our ongoing work with application development, we have been working on the Stedfast system which is a quality assurance tool for education and training providers. We started this project in 2015 with the initial system being hosted on a learning system that we had developed. However, we quickly realised that the system could be used by other providers and so have been developing it for general release.

What is Stedfast?
Stedfast is a quality assurance system that primarily focuses on outcomes assessment. It was developed to take standards and frameworks and to convert these into outcomes. Staff work collaboratively on assessment plans. The underpinning rationale of an assessment plan is to create outcomes cycles and add findings against each of the outcomes measures. Staff are able to action plan their findings.

Why use Stedfast?
Stedfast is an incredibly powerful system that supports the development of self-assessment reports and quality improvement plans. It can also be used to conduct programme reviews and other compliance reviews.

What is next?
There are new features in development including the policies and procedures module. This is due for release at the end of November 2018. There is also a plan to release the risk assessment module before the end of 2018. Both of these modules greatly enhance the quality assurance features the Stedfast provides.

More information

If you would like more information then please go to the Stedfast FAQ This will provide further information about the system and costs.

posted 20 Sep, 06:50 (764 days ago)