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Business Administration Apprenticeship

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Our Business Administration Apprenticeship is designed to equip participants with the fundamentals required to work in any business environment.

Throughout this Apprenticeship, participants will be supported by assessors who have worked in a business environment and have gained many years of experience and who can truly support learners in developing the skills and knowledge required to develop a career in Business Administration.

The Apprenticeship is designed to last 12 months, with Apprentices having monthly contact with their assessor, either through a face-to-face visit or telephone contact. Assessors will guide Apprentices through each task to ensure they are applying their knowledge and skills to their job role. Our assessors will also help to build the electronic portfolio of evidence with each Apprentice to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained.

Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

10 days, 14 hrs, 30 min

This module will contain the information needed to introduce new learners to the Business Administration Apprenticeship

2. Business Fundamentals - Business Markets, Sectors and Industries

22 hrs, 40 min

In this module you will begin to understand the basic principles of business related to business markets, sectors and industries.

3. Business Communication Skills

9 hrs

In this module learners will be able to plan a strategy for effective communication; use active listening and questioning skills to influence and persuade others; practice face-to-face and telephone communication skills and how to give and receive constructive feedback.

4. Business Documentation

9 hrs, 10 min

In this module learners will be able to maintain accurate records and files; how to take minutes of meetings; how to follow organisational procedures and best practice; and how to produce business documents including emails, letters, payments and reports.

5. Personal Development and Team Working

6 hrs

In this module, learners will identify personal and professional learning and development objectives to enable them to add value at an individual, team and organisational level.

6. Marketing and Social Media

6 hrs

In this module, learners will identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements profitably; understand buying decisions; understand internal and external stakeholder interests; understand how social media can be used to increase potential employment and business opportunities.

7. Planning and Organisation

6 hrs

In this module, learners will be able to take responsibility for managing priorities and timescales in order to successfully meet deadlines whilst positively managing the expectations of colleagues at all levels. Learners will understand how to set a positive example for others and make suggestions for improvements in working practice.

8. Coaching, Appraisals and Giving Feedback

6 hrs

In this module, learners will develop their skills in taking ownership for work and promoting the value of their work via an understanding of their role within the team and collaborating with others to share and develop best practice.

9. Change Management

7 hrs

In this module learners will evaluate the benefits and risks of change and analyse and compare tools and techniques for planning change including potential barriers to change and identifying how these can be overcome.

10. Project Management

10 days, 15 hrs, 40 min

Learners will assess how to identify project objectives and success criteria to plan for delivery and understand how to apply project management tools to scope a project and secure stakeholder buy-in. Learners will complete project implementation plans and assess risk for contingency planning

11. Maths, English and I.C.T Extension

12. Portfolio Evidence Requirements

1 day, 5 hrs

This module is used to collect the different types of evidence that will be needed for your portfolio which is submitted to End Point Assessment

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