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HR Support Apprenticeship

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The Level 3 HR Support Apprenticeship, is a 12-month programme designed for apprentices to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviour to advise managers on a wide range of HR issues through the employee lifecycle to company policy and current law. Learners are supported throughout by our skilled and knowledgeable course mentors. Access is provided to our award-winning learning management system, full of engaging learning material, including videos, voice explainers, and handouts. Learners can also access over 30 tutor-led live online classes.

Typical Job Roles

HR Advisor | Recruitment Coordinator | Employee Relations Assistant | Training and Development Coordinator | HR Administrator | Payroll Assistant | Talent Acquisition Specialist | HR Analyst | Benefits Coordinator | Diversity and Inclusion Assistant

Course Overview

This HR Support Apprenticeship programme is designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the business environment and HR's pivotal role within it. Apprentices will learn about the organisational structure, products, services, and the sector in which the business operates. They will gain knowledge of HR legislation and policies specific to their sector, understand the organisation's HR policy framework, and acquire a solid grounding in the HR systems and processes used within the company. Skills development is key, focusing on delivering exceptional customer service to managers, solving HR-related problems, and communicating effectively across various platforms. Apprentices will also engage in teamwork, process improvement, and managing HR information, ensuring they can support the HR function efficiently. Personal development is encouraged through continuous learning about business and HR practices updates, and apprentices are expected to actively seek and respond to feedback to enhance their professional growth and effectiveness.

Cost and Funding

The funding limit set for this qualification is £4500. This can be fully funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. For Non-Levy payers, it is fully funded for anyone under 22 years of age and up to 95% government-funded for anyone aged 22+ 

Typical Programme Length

12 Months

Programme Level

Level 3

Delivery Method

Blended Learning through online learning, live tutor-led classes and 1 to 1 mentoring.

End Point Assessment

Project and a Professional Discussion

Professional Recognition

HR Support Certificate
Associate membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


Apprenticeship Levy paying employers can use their funds for this programme. Employers not paying the Levy can get up to 95% funding. 

Benefits to Apprentices

  • Apprentices develop a thorough knowledge of their organisation’s structure, products, and services and their specific sector. This holistic understanding enables them to contribute to HR functions effectively.
  • Apprentices can access our award-winning learning management system, which offers a rich array of learning materials, including videos, voice explainers, and handouts, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience.
  • Apprentices can access over 30 live tutor-led classes online. They are also supported by experienced course mentors who will guide them throughout the programme.
  • Upon completion, apprentices will receive the Level 3 HR Apprenticeship certificate and become Associate Members of the CIPD.

Benefits to Employers

  • Apprenticeship Levy-paying employers can fully fund the programme.
  • Non-Levy payers can receive fully funded training for anyone under 22 years old and up to 95% government funding for those over 22.
  • Employers benefit from well-trained apprentices who understand the intricacies of HR operations and the specific business environment, contributing to more efficient HR management.
  • Apprentices trained in sector-specific HR legislation and policies can help ensure the organisation remains compliant with legal standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance issues.
  • Training apprentices within the organisation encourages a culture of learning and development, ensuring a pipeline of skilled HR professionals aligned with the company’s goals and culture.


Here is the course outline:

1. Information and Guidance

10 days, 22 min

This is an introductory module to the HR Support Level 3 course. In this module will be information about this apprenticeship and a curriculum plan which sets out the course.

2. Business, Culture and Change

11 hrs

In this module, you will consider the impact of external influences and how the digital and commercial environment shapes businesses and the culture within which they operate. It considers the importance of people’s behaviour on organisational culture and its ability to manage change effectively.

3. Core Behaviours for People Professionals

9 hrs

In this module, you will learn the core behaviours of people professionals, focusing on ethical practice, professional values and professional development. It considers how certain ways of thinking and acting should be universally consistent, even in new and challenging situations, to promote inclusivity and respect in the organisation.

4. Coaching, Appraisals and Giving Feedback

9 hrs, 45 min

In this module, you will learn how skills, attitudes and learning impact goal setting and managing priorities and how to support others in reaching their full potential in line with organisational goals and values.

5. Performance & Reward Management

15 hrs

In this module, you will understand how to asses the knowledge, skills and experience in the workforce; understand different performance assessment ratings, and understand how to align employee motivation to organisational objectives.

6. Human Resources Information and Analytics

23 hrs

This module explores Human Resources (HR) Information Systems and how people professionals make both straightforward and complex choices as they carry out their roles. It focuses on how utilising a diverse range of analytics and evidence is essential to the rationalisation and enhancement of working practices and situational decision making to create value.

7. Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations

7 hrs

In this module, you will learn about the e fundamentals of people practice, ranging from the employee lifecycle to policies, regulations and law. Importantly, this unit enables practitioners to apply their knowledge and skills, building their confidence and ability to practise progressively.

8. Resourcing Talent

1 hr, 45 min

In this module, you will learn about recruitment strategies, recruitment channels, how to create competency-based interview questions to identify the right fit for the organisation and more. It further explores diverse specialist subjects such as recruitment, talent management, reward, and learning and development, which are essential to a career in people practice.

9. End Point Assessment

5 days

In this module, you will prepare for the End Point Assessment and complete this programme. This is the final element of the HR Support apprenticeship. You will learn about the EPA requirements, project building and how to ace your professional discussion.

10. CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice

4 days, 8 hrs

This module is for apprentices who want to extend their knowledge and development and work towards the accredited CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice. It is optional.

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