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Business Administration Apprenticeship

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Our Business Administration Apprenticeship is designed to equip participants with the fundamentals to work as an administrator in any business environment. Throughout this Apprenticeship, participants will be supported by a mentor who will guide them through modules such as business fundamentals, documentation, teamwork, communication, marketing and social media, change and project management and coaching. This 15-month programme is delivered through one-to-one mentoring, over 30 live tutor-led online classes, and access to our state-of-the-art LMS packed full of business administration learning material.

Typical Job Roles

Administrative Assistant | Office Administrator | Team Coordinator | Personal Assistant | Executive Assistant | Secretary | Receptionist | Administrative Support Staff

Course Overview

The Business Administrator Apprenticeship provides comprehensive training in essential administrative skills across multiple business functions. The programme covers IT proficiency in systems like MS Office for email writing, financial processing, and database management tasks. Apprentices learn to produce and maintain accurate business documents and develop strong decision-making and interpersonal skills to encourage positive organisational relationships. The course emphasises communication across various platforms and instils a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Planning, organisation, and project management training equip apprentices to manage tasks and lead projects efficiently. The curriculum also enhances stakeholder management skills for effective engagement with internal and external parties and provides a solid understanding of business fundamentals, including financial management and market dynamics. This apprenticeship is ideal for those aiming to excel in business administration and contribute significantly to organisational success.

Cost and Funding

The funding limit set for this qualification is £5000. This can be fully funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. For Non-Levy payers, it is fully funded for anyone under 22 years of age and up to 95% government-funded for anyone aged 22+ 

Typical Programme Length

12 Months

Programme Level

Level 3

Delivery Method

Blended Learning through online learning, live tutor-led classes and 1 to 1 mentoring.

End Point Assessment

Knowledge Test, Project Presentation, Portfolio and Professional Discussion 

Professional Recognition

Business Administrator Certificate


Apprenticeship Levy paying employers can use their funds for this programme. Employers not paying the Levy can get up to 95% funding. 

Benefits to Apprentices

  • The apprenticeship focuses on developing skills in creating and implementing customer-centric marketing strategies across multiple channels, enhancing both digital and traditional marketing competencies.
  • Apprentices can access our award-winning learning management system, which offers a rich array of learning materials, including videos, voice explainers, and handouts, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience.
  • Apprentices can access over 30 live tutor-led classes online. They are also supported by experienced course mentors who will guide them throughout the programme.
  • Upon completion, apprentices receive the Business Administrator Certificate, enhancing their credentials and recognition within the industry. 

Benefits to Employers

  • Apprenticeship Levy-paying employers can fully fund the programme.
  • Non-Levy payers can receive fully funded training for anyone under 22 years old and up to 95% government funding for those over 22.
  • Employers gain highly trained individuals capable of supporting diverse business functions, from IT operations to project management.
  • With apprentices well-versed in planning and organising, companies can see improved efficiency in task management and deadline adherence.
  • Apprentices trained to improve and maintain high standards continuously contribute to the overall quality of business processes.
  • Apprentices can bring fresh perspectives into the workplace and offer new ideas and insights, potentially leading to innovative processes and improvements.
  • Apprentices develop skills in managing relationships with various stakeholders, enhancing the company’s engagement and communication efforts.

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