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Marketing Executive

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Our marketing executive programme is designed for apprentices to shape, support and deliver marketing plans as part of the overall marketing strategy. Apprentices will develop skills and knowledge in areas such as marketing concepts and theories, commercial awareness, market research, products and channels, marketing campaign and service delivery. Apprentices will be guided by a course mentor throughout the programme. This is a 15-month programme, leading to an endpoint assessment of a multiple-choice knowledge test, project showcase and professional discussion.

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As a marketing executive, you will normally be working in conjunction with the Marketing Manager who will define the overall marketing strategy. This is a highly audience-focused role that requires creativity, communication and project management skills - these individuals are responsible for planning and executing tactical and targeted marketing activity. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Managing and maintaining key marketing channels, including digital, offline and social media
  • Planning and delivering tactical integrated marketing campaigns
  • Managing the production and distribution of marketing materials
  • Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, suppliers (incl. agencies) and partner organisations
  • Collecting and analysing research information to understand target audience behaviour and views across the market in general and the marketing mix
  • Assisting in the achievement of brand positioning to agreed guidelines
  • Organising and attending events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions.

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