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Multi Channel Marketer Apprenticeship

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The Level 3 Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship is a 15-month programme designed for apprentices to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to become proficient in supporting customer-focused marketing activities that drive the demand for a product or service through awareness raising and perception building to generate results to drive organisational growth. Learners are supported throughout by our skilled and knowledgeable course mentors. Access is provided to our award-winning learning management system, full of engaging learning material, including videos, voice explainers, and handouts. Learners can also access over 30 tutor-led live online classes.

Typical Job Roles

Digital Communications Assistant | Digital Marketing Assistant | Marketing Administrator | Marketing Assistant | Marketing Communications Assistant | Marketing Junior | Social Media Assistant | Content Marketing Coordinator | Online Marketing Specialist | Campaign Manager

Course Overview

Multi-channel marketing is a dynamic and versatile field that spans numerous sectors, such as finance, retail, and IT. It is relevant in organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations. Multi-channel marketers may work in specialised agencies or within internal marketing teams, focusing on promoting their business through various marketing activities and platforms. Their main objective is to drive marketing initiatives that build awareness and demand for products or services, thus enhancing the company's bottom line. This role involves many responsibilities, including creating marketing content, conducting market research, managing campaigns across different channels, and collaborating with internal stakeholders (such as sales, IT, and senior management) and external parties (including clients and media professionals). With the growing emphasis on environmentally sustainable practices, these marketers also integrate green strategies into their campaigns, contributing to strategic decision-making and business growth.

Cost and Funding

The funding limit set for this qualification is £11000. This can be fully funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. For Non-Levy payers, it is fully funded for anyone under 22 years of age and up to 95% government-funded for anyone aged 22+ 

Typical Programme Length

15 Months

Programme Level

Level 3

Delivery Method

Blended Learning through online learning, live tutor-led classes and 1 to 1 mentoring.

End Point Assessment

Written project report with presentation and questioning
Interview underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

Professional Recognition

Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship Certificate
Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for Affiliate
Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) for Power
Data and Marketing Association (DMA) for Individual


Apprenticeship Levy paying employers can use their funds for this programme. Employers not paying the Levy can get up to 95% funding. 

Benefits to Apprentices

  • The apprenticeship focuses on developing skills in creating and implementing customer-centric marketing strategies across multiple channels, enhancing both digital and traditional marketing competencies.
  • Apprentices can access our award-winning learning management system, which offers a rich array of learning materials, including videos, voice explainers, and handouts, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience.
  • Apprentices can access over 30 live tutor-led classes online. They are also supported by experienced course mentors who will guide them throughout the programme.
  • Upon completion, apprentices receive the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner Certificate, enhancing their credentials and recognition within the industry. Additionally, they gain membership to the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS), further validating their expertise.

Benefits to Employers

  • Apprenticeship Levy-paying employers can fully fund the programme.
  • Non-Levy payers can receive fully funded training for anyone under 22 years old and up to 95% government funding for those over 22.
  • Employing apprentices trained in multi-channel marketing can significantly boost a company’s marketing efforts across various platforms, enhancing brand awareness and market penetration.
  • Apprentices bring fresh perspectives and current industry knowledge, particularly in digital marketing trends and the green economy, helping companies stay competitive.
  • Investing in apprentices allows companies to cultivate dedicated marketing talent tailored to their business needs and culture.
  • Apprentices can handle various marketing activities, from content coordination to analytics monitoring, freeing up senior staff to focus on strategic objectives.
  • With their hands-on training and exposure to multiple business sectors, apprentices can contribute to high-level decision-making processes, providing insights that align marketing strategies with business goals.


Here is the course outline:

1. Information and Administration

10 days, 8 hrs, 15 min

In this module, you will discover comprehensive information about the apprenticeship and essential administrative sections necessary for course management. It includes detailed guidance on accessing class lists, along with effective strategies for recording off-the-job learning, ensuring a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of apprenticeship administration.

2. Marketing Method, Principles and Practices

1 day, 4 hrs, 10 min

In this module, you will understand marketing theory comprehensively, exploring foundational concepts and principles, including the essence of marketing, the marketing mix, and the promotional mix. The module further guides you through the intricacies of developing a marketing plan, explaining its construction and strategic importance. Additionally, it covers Brand theory, exploring critical aspects like brand positioning, value, identity, guidelines, and the significance of tone of voice in brand communication.

3. Regulation and Legislation

5 hrs, 15 min

This module explores key regulatory and legislative requirements critical in today's digital and commercial landscapes. Dive into the intricacies of data protection, GDPR compliance, and cyber security fundamentals. Understand the nuances of trading laws, copyright law, and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines. Learn how these regulations influence the handling and processing of data and their practical application in various business scenarios.

4. Business and Organisation

6 hrs, 40 min

In this module, you will explore the fundamental concepts of business structure, vision, and objectives and comprehend how the role of marketing supports these elements. The module explores the interplay between business objectives, the broader environmental context, and sustainable practices in shaping marketing strategies. Additionally, it emphasises the crucial role of Stakeholder Management in ensuring effective marketing outcomes.

5. Content Marketing

13 hrs

In this module, you'll learn to develop content for online and offline marketing creatively. Explore image creation tools, effective writing techniques, and video production for digital platforms. Gain skills in crafting engaging blogs and leveraging social media, enhancing your ability to create impactful marketing content.

6. Digital Marketing

1 day, 14 hrs, 30 min

In this module, you will learn digital marketing essentials, focusing on social media networks. You'll learn about the strategic use of social media scheduling tools and effective crisis management techniques. Additionally, you will gain insights into the world of social media influencers, their impact, and engagement strategies. You will develop skills to create a comprehensive social media policy and a robust strategy.

7. Offline Marketing

1 day, 10 min

In this module, you'll learn about the need for businesses to have offline marketing materials. Multi Channel Marketers need to be able to understand and be involved in the design and ordering of this material. As part of the marketing team, you'll need to be efficient in project management and confident when liaising with suppliers and vendors.

8. Campaign Management

13 hrs, 20 min

In this module, you will dive into modern marketing channels, examining online and offline mediums. Gain insights into cross-channel behaviour and understand how consumer interactions differ across various platforms. The module emphasises managing and operating integrated campaigns, highlighting key strategies for harmonising online and offline channels to create cohesive and impactful marketing initiatives. Learn the details of channel integration to maximise reach and effectiveness in your marketing campaigns.

9. Digital Analytics

7 days, 15 hrs, 2 min

In this module, you'll understand how to monitor and evaluate marketing delivery effectiveness. You'll interpret reports from various marketing tools or platforms and learn more about analytics, marketing automation reports, social media monitoring reports, metrics reports and budget trackers.

10. Content Management Systems

7 days, 8 hrs, 10 min

In this module, you'll understand how to use content management systems. You'll publish online content to engage with different customer segments and learn the practicalities behind content management.

11. Digital Technologies

1 day, 10 hrs, 15 min

In this module, you will learn about digital technologies that are needed by marketers. You will understand marketing technologies (Martech), how to identify the right systems and how to implement them.

12. End Point Assessment

In this module, you will be given guidance on the endpoint assessment requirements. Please ensure you refer to this throughout the programme.

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